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“If you're like me
you're considering just how you might make a more meaningful impact
in the world”. Shaune Clarke

To me this equates to a very real contribution to humanity. (something non-business)

One of the things I’ve always loved doing is feeding the homeless. I’ve especially enjoyed helping facilitate having kids/teenagers doing this with me.

Shaune Clarke meaningful impact to the world
Homeless man holding a placard that says "HELP"

There is a
special moment

— when the food is placed in the hand of the homeless person…

when your
eyes + your intention

“meets their gratitude”

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Shaune Clarke special moment when the food is placed in the hand of the homeless person.

What Happened Though -- Was -- it Deeply Moved + Inspired Me...

in that moment

Shaune Clarke deeply moved and inspired

1 - In that moment -- When your eye's meet theirs

2 - In that moment -- When you pass them food -- (the source of life)

3 - In that moment -- When their being says -- thank you

4 - In that moment -- When they verbalize saying… -- thank you

5- In that moment -- When they speak to you

6 - In that moment -- When you hear the emotion in their voice

7 - In that moment -- When you feel What they are feeling

In that moment you are transported...

-- Transported to 'real presence.'

-- Everything else - becomes unimportant - even non-existent.

-- You have to sit -- with the understanding and compassion


“ This is a Suffering, Broken Human Being
Who Has The Capacity For Joy.

Just this small expression of love (feeding them) brings up such gratitude in them. It’s such a gift and yet so simple to do. Let me say that again… It doesn’t cost much at all (TIME OR MONEY)


-- The Level of Gratitude + Impact is Immeasurable

#nobody should be hungry


We can even take it
just one step further

and ask them their name.
Doing so opens them up to tell their story and to ‘be heard.’
You can see how this simple little gift (being heard) has a feeling of ‘normalcy’ for them and inside this ‘sense of normal’ — is a feeling of dignity. So special.

You watch them light up and experience a very raw and real joy you know they haven’t experienced in a very long time.

Food. Love. Humanity Logo
A Homeless Man

Shaune Shares...
We Feed Them Food
-- But Also With Our Presence!

the experience
touches our humanity...

in a way I’m not sure anything else can. I don’t believe the live experience of that one-on-one sense of giving can be matched through a ‘donation’

— At least not for me.
— What keeps coming to me is this thought…
— “Because Broken People Deserve To Be Loved.”

yes that’s it!

“Because broken people deserve to be loved!”

has given birth to a foundation and cause called…


A Homeless Man sleeping on a bench
Shaune Clarke logo.

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Food. Love. Humanity Logo

We’ll personally feed people in Australia — but also people in the villages of Vanuatu. I believe this is a real simple way to help our lives have a deeper and more meaningful impact in 2016.

Let me tell you a bit about each person in the photo’s…

photo 1

The guy with the hoodie...

Couldn’t believe I was doing it. When I asked him… 

“Could I give you this?” — And started to hand him the food — he looked at me in disbelief and said… “Are you sure?” 

When I quietly said… “Yes.” 

He replied…  “You’re a good man.” 

The deep state of emotion with which he said it — was piercing.

photo 2

The Aboriginal woman said - Thank you...

But then went on to tell me how she was trying to get to see her Mother but the ticket was so costly. The sadness she expressed for ‘how dear’ the ticket price was — was gripping. 

When I asked how much was the ticket she told me $18.80 — which gave me the opportunity to give her $20 so she could get that ticket and see her Mother. 

And when I did… 

Her body ‘let go’ — and she just looked down at the ground — again seemingly in disbelief that this had just happened to her. I will never forget how she looked at me. There was no more words spoken she just looked right into me with loving gratitude.

photo 3

The fella with the the dog...

was actually a bit fussy 🙂 🙂

— he only wanted the fruit bowl I had for him — not the Solo or Chicken sandwich. 

I left thinking — is he a health conscious homeless man? 🙂 🙂

Shaune Clarke giving food to a man with his dog.
Shaune Clarke meets Cyril and Oliver.

photo 4

cyril meets oliver

Cyril had never met someone like Oliver. He was both cautious and nervous about it.

He engaged Oliver in conversation. Oliver was very open in sharing his story. It was a moment for Cyril realising, it was circumstances that lead to Olivers situation and
any sort of judgement left him.

He felt compassion for Oliver and that quickly became a sense of relief and then joy
that Oliver had helped him feel a compassion he hadn’t felt before.

Cyril was again emotional – This time a big smile of great gratitude.

Via this live exchange

there is this genuine connection to the people...

You experience the reality that these are real people…
— Who feel 
— Who have the will for joy 


— All we have to do is give them a bit of food – to ‘lift them up.’ 
Talk about take you — ‘into your heart’ — I know of no faster path.
— This idea really makes me happy!! 🙂 🙂
— I’d love to have you join us — for one of our…

"Food.LOVE.Humanity" Outings. (held in each state)

IE: Once a month we’ll take just a small amount of time (just 1 – 2 hours) and go personally hand food to homeless people.  

I believe that like it has been for me — it shall be a transporting experience. Transporting you – to the depths of your heart and your humanity.

Shaune Clarke and
The New Economy Project have committed to regular FLH outings.

Those participating in the co-creation of a New Economy see the idea of an abundant economy as not only doable but necessary. And with abundance comes the time to give back and so Food Love Humanity outings feels very congruent and aligned.

Shaune Clarke and many in The New Economy project are grateful to be able to give in this way and have said…

“We encourage other groups to see the alignment and purpose we do and likewise commit to even a couple hours a month to helping give food to those that are hungry.”

Learn More about The New Economy Project

Food. Love. Humanity Logo
Food. Love. Humanity Logo